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Regatta Promotions provides a unique model for any advertiser and business that wants to communicate their message or display their brand in front of a targeted audience of sailboat enthusiasts. Regatta Promotions leverages many different forms of advertising such as event based marketing, web and email marketing, promotional products, corporate branding apparel and print and direct mail campaigns to benefit both sailing regattas as well as the sponsors that support them. The end result is great brand recognition and customer loyalty for the sponsors, an enhanced and pleasurable experience for the participants and a more well run event for the hosting organization or yacht club.

Our programs often produce millions of impressions for your brand through the various modes of advertising to targeted high net worth individuals that all participate in a lifestyle sport. Our click-through rates for on-line and email are much higher than industry internet standards due to the focused market and loyalty of end users. This service is surprisingly cost effective when compared to traditional advertising options.

Regatta Promotions has many different advertising opportunities. Please contact us and we will be happy to listen to your needs and recommend a course of action. Let us help you increase your sales and brand recognition.

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