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District 7 and Southeast Regionals Results Added

August 13th, 2013 by

Today we added the results from the District 7 Championships and the J/24 Southeast Regionals to the website. Congratulations to John Enwright and Robby Brown on getting 1st place at District 7 and Southeast Regionals respectively. On a side, but equally important, note we have been seeing far too many regattas lately with less than 10 boats. A few recent examples are: Dillon Open, Buzzards Bay, Marblehead NOOD, District 20 Championship and, Regata Mensual. If everybody tried to encourage more participation and draw in a few more boats then, all of these would classify for ranking. More qualifying regattas means better rankings which, as always, you can see at: http://www.j24worldrankings.com/

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NEW Must Have for Race Committees

August 6th, 2013 by

The Hornet is a reachable electric air horn capable of producing a 120 decibel blast which is equivalent to that of an ambulance siren. This device is a must have for any race committee. Normal air horns leak and don’t function properly in cold temperatures while The Hornet is ready to go after a quick 30 minute charge. As another bonus about The Hornet is that it is eco-friendly while normal air horns release harmful gases and leave behind a metal container, all of which hurt the environment. One final bonus about the Hornet is, in the long term you will end up saving money. The average yacht club would most likely save money with The Hornet by the end of one season. The Hornet is a great tool for any race committee.

Follow this link to purchase: http://www.regattapromotions.com/product.asp?strParents=93&CAT_ID=93&P_ID=262

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Frithjof Schade takes 1st in J24 Swedish Open!

July 23rd, 2013 by

Congratulations to Frithjof Schade for winning the Swedish Open this past weekend! Notability, Anna Gunnarsson skyrocketed from 128th to 60th in the world rankings after getting second place at the Swedish Open. For world rankings updated weekly come check out http://www.j24worldrankings.com/

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Rockland Castine Regatta Report 2013

July 23rd, 2013 by


Two great days of racing took place this past weekend at the 3rd Annual Rockland Castine Regatta hosted by Rockland Yacht Club.  In all 32 boats made it to the line for the start on both days.


There were two cruising classes, three racing classes, a shorthanded division, and a multihull division each sailing a 20 mile course, to and from, Rockland and Castine Harbors. 


Day 1 was the sled ride to Castine with a 10 to 20 knot West Southwest breeze that was mostly consistent throughout the race with just one hole about 3/4s of the way down the leg with a building breeze after that kept the racing interesting with groups of boats finishing within seconds of each other. First to finish on Day 1 was Panacea a Freedom 32 in the shorthanded division.  Skippered and crewed by Peter McCrea, Panacea finished almost 10 minutes ahead of the first boat.


Since this race is pursuit style Panacea was the first boat to start with its high rating of 186  and affectionately called the rabbit.  Well nobody caught the rabbit – good going Peter!  Keemah a J/105 in racing class two was the next boat to finish closely followed by Cats Paw and Migis Magic in racing class three.  It was not the day for the big boats as they were never able to catch all the way up to most of the smaller boats.  Day 2 would be another story completely.

Finish-2013Close finish on Saturday – Five boats all within less than 20 seconds of each other at the finish in Castine.  


Day 2 started off with a whimper and finished off with a bang.  The weather intelligence provided the race committee with a forecast for some wind although it didn’t look like it just after the starting sequence had begun.  A nice 5 knot northerly a filled just outside Castine harbor and the race committee anxiously started the race on time.  However, that wind proved to be a fluke and very light air commenced for the rest of the starting sequence.  Luckily a nice 1 knot+ out-going current kept most of the boats moving towards the goal of Rockland harbor while the whole fleet waited for a southwesterly wind to fill for a great upwind leg back “home”.


The wind did fill to about 10 to 15 knots and provided some large oscillations between 200 degrees and 250 degrees during the race.  The boats that hit the shifts just right each time made huge gains however if you got caught on the wrong side it was hard to recover.   The shifts only took place every 40 minutes or so, which created a wait and see, patience game.  The out-going current meant that you didn’t need to go to a shore but boats would go to each side of the course and create some major leverage of about 1 to 2 miles at times.   


The larger boats were able to catch up with the fleet on day two much better and the first boat to finish was racing class 1 boat, J’ai Tu, a J/35 owned by Gary Bennett and skippered by JB Turner.  The second boat to finish was Kaos, a Frers 41′, skippered by Scott Smithwick, closely followed by Beausoleil, a Beneteau 456, skippered by Richard Parent. 


Keemah, owned by Don Logan, won the overall by 1 minute and 35 seconds over Kaos. Both boats won their respective divisions this past weekend however Keemah’s combined finish times were just a bit quicker. Congratulations to Keemah on a second consecutive OVERALL WIN of the Rockland Castine Regatta.


Check out all the results by clicking here. 


On Saturday a party of over 175 sailors took place a Dennet’s Wharf restaurant. Which became really interesting when the power went out due to a small squall that went through Castine just after everyone had hit the docks and were cleaned up after racing.  The Dennet’s staff was great and kept everything on schedule cooking with head lamps in their kitchen and serving all the sailors on time.  Just about the time dinner was over the power came back on and the band was able to rock out the night and provide great music for dancing until the sailors couldn’t take it any longer.     



On Sunday a party under the tent of the Rockland green was a perfect end to a great weekend with a full BBQ with burgers, dogs, chicken and all the fixings and some great salads to top off the experience.   


Rising Tide Beer was enjoyed each day with their Spinnaker  and Maine Island Trail Ale brands providing some great refreshment to the crowds of thirsty sailors. 


See photos and comments by liking and checking out the event facebook page feed at: www.rocklandcastineregatta.org

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Tuesday J/24 World Ranking Update

July 16th, 2013 by

After adding The Newport Regatta and Warnemunder Week Tim Healy and Dirk Strelow moved up the rankings. Tim Healy moved from 8th to 6th in the USA rankings after winning The Newport Regatta. Dirk Strelow moved from 8th to 6th in the German rankings after winning Warnemunder Week. Strelow also notably moved from 56th to 46th in the world rankings after his win. For world rankings updated weekly check out http://www.j24worldrankings.com

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Mid-Week J24 World Ranking Update

July 11th, 2013 by

Today we added the results from 3 regattas including, The Florida State Championships. Stay tuned for results from The Newport Regatta the coming weekend. If you want to check your world ranking visit us at http://j24worldrankings.com/

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J24 World Rankings Update

July 8th, 2013 by

Today we added the results from the 2013 UK Nationals, The 2013 Surfin Safari Regatta, The 2013 Southwestern Championships, The 2013 District 3 Championship, The 2013 Heritage Cup, The 2012 Western Championships and, The 2010 Copa De Mexico Regatta. With these races added Jorge Murrieta climbed to 3rd from 9th in the Mexican leader board. Aiden Glackin moved from 14th to 12th in the USA rankings and from 43rd to 37th in the world rankings. Kelly Holmes moved from 27th to 21st in the USA rankings. Chris Mclaughlin claimed first place at the UK Nationals this past weekend which brought him into 374th place in the world rankings with no other races to his name. Lastly, Mike Ingham made the trek to the UK and claimed 2nd place at the UK Nationals. For up to date rankings from all around the world check out www.j24worldrankings.com and for updates as we get them follow us on Twitter @j24worldranking

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J/24 World Rankings Update

July 2nd, 2013 by

The results from the Kieler Woche Regatta and the Canadian NOD Regatta were both added today. Over 40 boats competed in the Kieler Woche Regatta with Peer Kock taking 1st place. Kock’s win caused him to climb 5 places in the German rankings bringing him into the top 10. Check out all of the leader boards at http://j24worldrankings.com/

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J24 World Rankings Update!

June 20th, 2013 by

We have just re-launched the site j24worldrankings.com. We invite you to check out your international ranking or your specific country ranking. We will be adding new countries, hopefully, each week. We have just added the Italian German and Mexican rankings, there is a ton of J/24 sailing going on in these countries with over 80 skippers ranked in each one. We are posting new and interesting items to this site each day. Please come and check it out.


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J/24 District 1 Championship Results & Recap

June 4th, 2013 by

The results are in after two amazing days of racing in the waters just off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In all 19 boats competed for the 2013 J/24 District 1 Championship. After 8 great races in 10 to 20 knots, Team AL skippered by Carter White and crewed by Mark Klein, Dave Van Cleef, Shelly Paules and Molly White won the event by 10 points. With only a slight lead on day one their consistent finishes of 2, 2, 1, 1 on day two set the team apart and provided for their back to back win of the District 1 Championship. Carter White is now qualified for the 2014 J/24 World Championship in Newport, RI  Click here for full results.

The 2013 District 1 Championship started off great with a filling 10 knot southerly just off the mouth of the Piscataqua River, near Portsmouth, NH. Most of the boats setup for a typical go left day assuming the wind would stay left and be stronger away from shore. However, the crew of Sticky Fingers proved everyone wrong having turned an over early and near last off the line and bail out right into a first at the first weather mark by a long shot.

Now the game was on and right side upwind stayed the way to go the rest of the day until the wind started to get a bit fluky in the last race. On the second beat of the last race the crew of Airodoodle went left and moved around most of the fleet to go from around 14th to 2nd in one leg. Unfortunately for Airodoodle the wind didn’t hold for the whole race and at the finish, moving positions became the norm and they lost a few of the boats they had gained. In all, four races were run with all 19 boats racing and finishing all races on day one.

Day two started with a stronger southerly breeze produced by a front moving across the eastern part of the United States. The wind started around 12 knots and built to gusts of almost 20 knots and with an out going current produced by the Piscataqua river the waves and chop were sometime difficult to get through. With a pin end a bit more favored than day 1 boats that started on the left of the course and favored that side did a bit better early on than what took place on day 1.

In the first two races the team from Canada on Sticky Fingers had the starts and course nailed by taking two bullets. However, Team AL kept close by finishing second in both those races. Aidan Glackin sailing Mental Floss was having a difficult battle with Zot skippered by Frank McNamara as they traded third and fourth places in the first two races of the day.

The wind built as the day went on and the right side started to get a bit more favored as the current started to shift offshore and Team AL went into protection and cover mode on the right side of the course and capitalized on a couple of imperfect starts by Sticky Fingers. The waves were large sometimes reaching 3 to 4 feet in height which made for some epic surfing when the right puff hit, making the approach to the leeward gates fun.

Racing was over by 3pm and the travel teams all packed up and made it to the Kittery Point Yacht Club for a BBQ and awards ceremony that capped off a great weekend of sunny skies, great wind and even better camaraderie.

A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers from J/24 Fleet 139 Portsmouth, NH who made the event so welcoming to boats from all areas and made the event run very smooth. PRO Tom Brown did an excellent job with the courses, providing great championship style racing.

Click here to check out more photos from both days of racing and the awards ceremony taken by local volunteer Bill Rapf.

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