District 7 and Southeast Regionals Results Added

August 13th, 2013 by

Today we added the results from the District 7 Championships and the J/24 Southeast Regionals to the website. Congratulations to John Enwright and Robby Brown on getting 1st place at District 7 and Southeast Regionals respectively. On a side, but equally important, note we have been seeing far too many regattas lately with less than 10 boats. A few recent examples are: Dillon Open, Buzzards Bay, Marblehead NOOD, District 20 Championship and, Regata Mensual. If everybody tried to encourage more participation and draw in a few more boats then, all of these would classify for ranking. More qualifying regattas means better rankings which, as always, you can see at: http://www.j24worldrankings.com/

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