The Boothbay Harbor Rendezvous started off great with a wonderful Waffle breakfast put on by Wannawaf of Boothbay.  Over 60 sailors treated themselves to this great breakfast while taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard. 


The coffee was flowing well but it didn't seem to clear the morning fog from all our minds and Boothbay Harbor.  After the short skippers meeting, competitors made their way out to Spruce Point the area of the starting line and found that the fog had not burned off as hoped.  A one and a half hour postponement ensued and to most it looked like the race might not

take off as the fog was still too thick for racing.  The patient race committee was excellent and just about 1330 the fog cleared enough for a start.  With slightly overcast skies and 10 to 14 knots of wind the races were perfect.


The classic division started off first followed by the cruising division.  Both classic and cruising boats sailed the roughly 8.5 mile course around Squirrel Island and Fisherman Island and back through Fisherman's Passage towards the finish line at Spruce Point.  The racing division started last and raced a roughly 13 mile course out to the Cuckolds then around Damariscove Island and Fisherman Island and back through Fisherman's Passage as well.


In all 15 boats registered for the event and 11 completed the course - there were a few last minute causalities due to engine trouble and other similar issues.

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A great party was held after the racing with over 100 people in attendance.  Live traditional maritime music was played by the band while everyone enjoyed the libations by Rising Tide Brewery and Pinnacle Vodka.  Dinner was a slow roast BBQ and the awards were supplemented with "FUN AWARDS" that created a huge amount of entertainment on its own.  Some winners were;

Best Crew Attaire - Aegir

Best Song Sung by Crew - Allegro

Best Photo/video of the Day - still in progress send photos or video link to:

Patti Irish at


In the end the goal of raising money for youth sailing and to start the Shipyard Community Sailing Program was met.  Hundreds of dollars were raised in this first inaugural event that promises to be a premier event in Maine for years to come.


Friday, August 10, 2012 marks the inaugural edition of the Boothbay Harbor Rendezvous (BBHR) hosted by the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard located in the heart of breathtakingly beautiful downtown Boothbay Harbor. This all inclusive sailing event, designed to serve the boating public, promises to be one of the region’s premier events of summer 2012. Held on the Friday before the Shipyard Cup, the Boothbay Harbor Rendezvous, will begin with a “flyover” featuring vintage WW II aircraft.

To follow is a guaranteed fun race for all levels and classes of sailors and a post-race gathering that is so very typical of good Maine style and hospitality. The net proceeds from this premier sailing event will go to benefit youth sailing in the Boothbay Region. The BBHR will be the perfect feeder event to the 10th Annual Shipyard Cup on August 11 & 12. Serving elite yacht owners, this is a spectacle of modern and classic yachting not to be missed by any boating enthusiast.


All boats will sail a set course around coastal islands that includes Squirrel, Southport and Damariscove providing picturesque backdrops and interesting geographical obstacles. This one set course will also assist on and off the water spectators, unfamiliar with sailboat racing, to be more comfortable with the event by providing an online pre-race preview of the course. 
Boothbay Harbor Shipyard
Olivers cozy harbor wharf
Pinnacle Vodka
Rideout Marine
Rising Tide
Nat Wilson Sailmaker
J Edward Knight
Ocean Point Marina
Blake's Boatyard