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2013 Rockland-Castine Regatta

The Rockland Yacht Club cordially invites you to participate in the 2013
Rockland-Castine Regatta. This event is open to all yachts with valid PHRF or NEMA certificates and all members of the Rockland Yacht Club
that wish to enjoy racing in Penobscot Bay.

This race was first started in 1998 and ran through 2002 before being
merged into the “West Bay Race”. Over the last two years this event has been run by the Rockland Yacht Club and has had 25+ boats each year.

The regatta will again be comprised of two days of ‘pursuit’ racing; first from Rockland to Castine and then the following day from Castine back to Rockland.

2012 Rockland-Castine Regatta Wrap Up

The 2012 Rockland-Castine Regatta "2nd Revival Edition" was again a huge success.  25 boat registered and 24 made it to the starting line on Saturday July 7th.  The wind forecast for both Saturday and Sunday was for a 10+ knot WNW breeze.

  On Saturday the wind was light just before the start however as Panacea crossed the line to start the Pursuit Race format the wind filled in to a very nice 12 to 15 knot breeze.  All the racing boats started with spinnakers in Rockland Harbor and raced a mostly straight course 20+ miles to Castine.  The wind was up and down but never under 8 knots and the direction went a bit more northerly at the end requiring most of the boats to finish under jib or genoa only in Castine. 

Saturday night Rockland Yacht Club hosted a great dinner at Dennett's Wharf with over 100 people eating a wonderful three course meal with salad, chicken, salmon or pork and a Maine desert pie a la mode.  After dinner even more people showed up to enjoy the 5 piece band and cocktails on the deck of Dennett's.

On Sunday the Race Committee and sailors woke up to a strong breeze that a one point was about 25 knots from the WNW.  Just after the first few starters the wind died down to 15 knots but stayed strong all the way to the finish in Rockland.

Fast times were set both days with Irish Lady, a Farrier 28A trimaran, skippered by James Love finishing in 2 hours 18 minutes and 2 second on Saturday.  On Sunday Bluebird, a Morris Justine 36', skippered by Gust Stringos finished in 2 hours 9 minutes and 35 seconds.

The overall winner was Keemah, a J/105, skippered by Steph Helms and Owned by Don Logan.  They won the overall by winning their division, Racing 2, both days and by beating the other two boats who also won their division both days, Too Elusive and Walkabout, by just over 2 minutes in combine elapsed time.

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Crews, skippers and volunteers were treated to a wonderful BBQ in Rockland after racing on Sunday at the Rockland Yacht Club.  Burgers, dogs, multiple salads and various treats were served with a great light beer for a refreshing end to a great weekend. Awards were presented in 5 divisions, Cruising, Racing 1, 2, 3 & Shorthanded.

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2011 Event Wrap Up:

The 2011 Rockland-Castine Regatta "Revival Edition", got underway from Rockland to Castine early Sat afternoon from the bottom of Penobscot Bay. The record 25 boat fleet motored out to Robinson's Rock to await a Westerly breeze to fill in. After two abandoned starts the wind came up and the pursuit race was off and running and most boats took only one long tack straight down the East side of Penobscot Bay, in a gusty West wind to finish off Castine. In those Conditions the 80' Too Elusive could not be stopped and was tied up at the Castine town dock by 3:30p.m. The rest of the boats finished in short order and Castine was filled with race boats and race crews. The group gathered early at Dennett's Wharf Restaurant for rum and reggae (live) and a fantastic meal for over 100 race participants!
Sunday the fleet returned to the line and after a short wait for the South Westerly Sea-breeze to fill in, the race was on back up the East Bay to a finish just inside Rockland harbor. The crews of the boats we greeted to a friendly awards BBQ at the Rockland Yacht Club clubhouse which was filled to capacity.
Thanks to all skippers and crews for participating and thanks to RYC members and all our sponsors for their fantastic support and hard work to make this event a huge success. See you again next year!

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