Trophies & Race Committee Supplies

Dear Race Committee professional or volunteer,

    This page shall serve as your resource for everything you need to successfully enhance your regatta.  We have hundreds of trophy ideas and sources to meet your needs and budget.   We also have free down-loadable forms for every facet of any regatta to help you or your volunteers administer the many details that need to be recorded throughout an event.  And finally we are your source for race committee supplies; code flags, marks, regatta apparel, bow stickers, we have it all.  Some items can be purchase right here online and others will need to be quoted on a per event basis.
    Thank you for coming to Regatta Promotions for all of your sailboat racing needs.  We look forward to helping you with your next event.

The Regatta Promotions Crew
 Race Committee Forms
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 Equipment List for Race Committee PROs and Volunteers  Course Angles to Set a Square Course
 Race Committee Starting Sequence Made Easy  Conversion Table for Feet to Nautical Miles
 Examples of Regatta Log Sheet Notes  One Design Finish Log Sheet
 Blank Regatta Regatta Log Sheet  Handicap Race Finish Log Sheet
 Race Committee Wind Log  Schedule for Protests - Protest Log

 Race Committee Supplies
Click on links below to purchase online and for a more detailed description and photo

Individual Code and Signal Flags

 Code & Answering Pennant Zero One Two
Three Four Five
Seven Eight Nine
First Repeater
Second Repeater
Third Repeater
 Protest Flags      

Code/Signal Flag Sets

 A-Z and 0-9 and answering pennant and repeaters
 Storm Warning Signal Sets

Race Committee Flags

Blue R/C Flag with center red anchor

Yacht Club Flag Officer Flags

 Chaplian Commodore
 Fleet Captain  Measurer
 Past Commodore  Port Captain  Quartermaster Rear Commodore
 Surgeon  Treasurer Vice Commodore

U.S. Yacht Ensigns

Nylon US Yacht Ensign Flags

Race Course Marks

 Cylinder Marks
Tetrahedron Marks
Tomato Marks
 2' Mini Cylinder Marks   2.5 Tetrahedron Marks 3' Tomato Marks
 5' Cylinder Marks   5.5' Tetrahedron Marks 5' Tomato Marks
 8' Cylinder Marks   8' Tetrahedron Marks  

Race Mark Accessories

12 Volt Inflator/Deflator Pump Black Band for Course Change Coingrove Cap
Mini Cylinder Chain Accessory Patch Kit Yellow Patch Kit Orange
 Pressure Release Valve Pressure Relief Valve O-Ring Race Mark Bag
  Dump Valve O-Ring    

Starting Systems

Regatta Pro Start  Starting Cannon
High OutPut Regatta Pro Start  Starting Cannon Shells
Controller Unit Only for Regatta Pro Start Electric Air Horn


Trophy Ideas

See an item here that you might like a look at more closely?  Give us a call or email us and we will send you a sample or photo with a more detailed description.  These are just a few examples of the variety that we like to use with our events, if you have an idea or need an idea but aren't sure how to execute or source the item, let us know - we can help. 

On-line Glass Trophy Catalog

Trophy Price
Trophy Price
Hinged Cap Polycarb Water Bottles 3.29
Weekender Duffel Bag 39.95
Stainless Steel Travel Mug 4.40
Medium Silver Vase 40.00
Tall 12 Pack Kooler 4.81
Eye shaped Silver Platter Small 40.00
Travel Tumbler 5.00
Marble Wedge Bookends 42.00
Rope-a-tote 5.64
6.5'' Mounted Clock 42.00
Pearl Silver Wide Border Picture Frame 6.00
Curved Frame 6x4 44.00
Ultra Tote 6.10
Beveled Curved Crystal Standing Glass 46.00
Igloo Beverage Jug 7.99
7'' Mounted Clock 46.00
Eclipse Backpack/Tote 8.33
8'' Mounted Clock 50.00
Commuter Cooler Bag 10.40
Flemington Vase 52.00
Messenger Bag w/ Matching Handle 10.73
Large Silver Vase 52.00
Crystal Ice Small Oval Paperweight 10.95
Rectangular Silver Platter 54.00
Stainless Thermos/Travel Mug 10.99
Classic Reflections Swivel Clock 55.00
Dual Compartment Kooler Bag 11.18
Simmons Clock/Thermometer 59.00
7.5'' Bud Vase- Plum, Olive, Blue, Clear 12.70
4x6 Wood Photo Frame 2 sided 60.00
1/2 Liter Carafe 13.00
6x4 Wood Photo Frame 2 sided 60.00
Single Photo Frame for 4x6 14.00
Eye shaped Silver Platter Medium 60.00
Beveled Curved Crystal Standing Glass 19.00
Flemington Vase 64.00
Deluxe Cooler Bag with Radio 19.99
Islande Gift Set (ice bucket & 4 8.25oz rock glasses) 65.00
Beveled Curved Cyrstal Standing Plaque 21.00
Dodsworth Arch Clock 68.00
Small Curved Prisma Award 22.00
Amberwood Bookends 69.00
Medium Curved Prisma Award 24.00
Simmons Clock/Thermometer/Hygrometer 74.00
Binolux High-tech Metal Body Binocluar 24.00
Small Revere Bowl 75.00
1 Liter Carafe 24.00
Nautical Tambour Clock 75.00
Large Curved Prisma Award 25.00
Large Rectangular Silver Platter 76.00
Marble Arch Clock 25.00
Small Commodore Ice Bucket 80.00
Classic Reflections Compass 27.50
Green Oval Vase Small 84.00
Small Silver Vase 28.00
Medium Revere Bowl 85.00
Pinewood Crystal Box 29.00
Small Silver Pitcher 94.00
Wood Photo Album 30.00
Large Revere Bowl 95.00
Silver Plated Desk Stand 30.00
Large Commodore Ice Bucket 99.00
Bushnell 8x21 Compact Binocular 30.90
Nautica Watches 100.00
Optic Dome Paperweight 31.00
Green Oval Vase Medium 100.00
Large Mariana Pitcher 32.00
Medium Silver Pitcher 104.00
Cranbrook Optical Paperweight 32.00
Small Wave Award 110.00
Arches Ice Bucket 35.00
Green Oval Vase Large 120.00
Time America Unisex Contempoary Watch 37.70
Large Silver Pitcher 124.00
Flemington Vase 38.00
Brass Bell 130.00

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